Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)

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Our 6 piece, multi-sized pack of Stretch & Seal Lids is perfect for sealing up just about any size container, food item or cup. Sizes include 2.6", 3.7", 4.3", 5.5", 6.3", and 8.1"

Durable and safe, with extra thick silicone, these lids won’t tear or warp and can be used over and over. They're a must have item for anyone who wants to save fridge and cabinet space, time cleaning up and use a waste-free alternative! 

High-Quality and Eco-friendly, these non-toxic, silicone lids are made of BPA-free, lead free, and 100% food-grade, food-safe materials! Resistant to heat and cold, these lids are safe to use in temperatures from -40 degrees C to 450 degrees F, plus, they're dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and electric oven safe! 

  • NEVER struggle to find matching lids again, with our Stretch & Seal Lids it's easy to find just the right size for any item! 
  • ENJOY the tightest seal possible- best achieved when the sealing surface is DRY.
  • FITS directly over bowls and individual food items, avoiding a container transfer.
  • FRESH, FRESH and more FRESH! Keep leftovers fresh for later use. 

For optimized use, make sure that the lid is completely dry before placing on container or food. Make sure that the seal is slightly ajar when placing in the microwave oven, so that the expanding heat and pressure can be released safely from the container and not cause damage to lid or container. 

Includes 6 sizes in one package- Eliminate the hassle of lost lids!

Stretch & Seal Lids available in Clear and Blue!

Customer Reviews

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In appearance, everything is good, dense, stretches, delivery month, i will add how i use in business


The package went to novorossiysk 2,5 months, the track code was type za *** hk. excellent silicone covers and fully correspond to the photo and description of the seller


Finally i found a seller who can order not a set, but any desired number of covers of the size i need. i use them for a very long time. very good silicone, thin, flexible, odorless, moisture under it practically does not accumulate. convenient to put on and take off. if the lid is elastic stretched on the bank and it accidentally turned, then nothing will spill. buy boldly!


All super!!!) All as in the description!!!


Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)