Magic Silicone Dishwashing Scrubber

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 Keep your hands clean even while tackling the biggest messes!

These reusable Scrub Dishwashing Gloves are made of latex and are designed to protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and dirty environments. They also feature a textured palm, making it easy to grip dishes and cleaning tools. The durable material means you can wear them over and over again, without worrying about rips or tears. Each box contains one pair of large, reusable gloves with a long cuff, designed to protect your wrists and arms from exposure to water and cleaning chemicals! They're ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces in and around the home. 

These cleaning gloves are perfectly suitable for cleaning and scrubbing even the dirtiest surfaces. Clean your kitchen counters, pots and pans, toilets, floors and carpets with ease! They're made of rubber, so they're long lasting and can be used repeatedly. The left hand glove is typical, while the right hand glove features a durable scrubbing sponge.

Your hands are protected and your kitchen surfaces are free of bacteria and germs! 

Customer Reviews

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Items arrived as scheduled and as per description. There are even 2 sticky hooks to hold them up too. It works very well.


It came quickly. As a gift put the hook to hang the gloves on the wall. Hot baking trays from the oven can not be taken-too thin silicone.


The product looks great. Have not used it. But it's as per description.


Gloves pleased my wife. For her and bought, in my 9 size they would be small (note when buying). To Moscow got less than a month (days 10-12). Quality, pleasant to the touch, silicone. Your wife's hands should be protected. The seller put in the parcel a compliment and a coupon for the next purchase. Thank you, health and good luck.