BORN PRETTY Chameleon Dip Powder

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1. The Chameleon Powder is easy to do it with a dipping and mirror effect.
2. The advantages are simple and quick to apply, more durable than nail polish, and the disadvantage is that it is not easy to remove(in the same way as the nail gel)   
3. It can be used on natural nails and false nails.
4. Provide a fantastic natural look for your nails.
5. Perfect for home use or professional use.

How to use :
Dipping Effect

1. Prepare your nail.
2. Apply a thin coat of dip base.
3. Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish.
4. Brush off excess powder.
5. Apply a second coat of dip Base Coat.
6. Dip tip of a nail into the dish to achieve desired smile line.
7. Brush off excess powder.
8. Apply dip ACTIVATOR.
9. Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer.
10. Apply top coat.

Mirror Effect
1. Apply black gel and cure.
2. Apply no wipe top coat and cure for 30 seconds.
3. Pick the powder with eyeshadow stick.
4. Apply the powder on the nail, repeat till you're satisfied.
5. Clean the rest powder with the dust cleaner.
6. Apply top coat and cure.

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We received very well. I haven't tried it yet but I'll put pictures when I do. I like the presentation.


Very very pretty!


I ordered 13.10 came 1.11 this mega fast delivery Super thank you very much, if I knew I ordered a lot of goods, I recommend this store, I will order more) the product tried as a normal vtirku all super, but a little there is a smell!


Parcel delivered to Gomel in 18 days by Malaysia Post with tracking track number. All my order was carefully packed by the seller. The products of this brand (polygel, gel varnishes, pins and sequins) in my favorites and it is very important that they do not cause allergies.


I want to try it, I get it all on extended but full time. Thank you!